Grandpa's Woodworks NC

Bringing Custom Made Artisan Pieces Into Your Homes...

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It all started with…

a dream. A dream that one day when his work world came to an end and it was time for retirement, Grandpa would have his own wood shop. Making custom items with his hands that people would love and treasure for years to come. Items that would become a heirloom in peoples homes that they would be able to pass on through the generations. 

It all happens in a few sheds out behind his house, while Grandpa is counting down the days to retirement he is working away filling custom orders daily. He started out with some birdhouses and it has grown into furniture, cornhole boards, noodle boards and much, much more. 

Grandpa's Woodworks is located in the small town of Lincolnton, North Carolina. He is extremely proud to be able to supply our town and the surrounding area with these artisan pieces made locally in our great town. With his retirement coming in August, he will no longer be doing this part time,  he will be fulfilling his life long dream and going full time with his wood shop. He can't wait for your custom order!